10 CMSA Approved Target RED, BLUE or WHITE Base & Pole Set

10 Red or White or Blue Base & Pole Set

10 Black Target Base and Pole Set

CMSA Approved

Made to order. Please allow 2-5 weeks for delivery

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10 Black Base and Pole Set
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High Country Plastics and the CMSA have joined forces to improve the professionalism, the look and overall quality of balloon stands and balloon sticks. For over a decade orange road cones have been the accepted norm for holding the target poles. As we all know, road cones do not hold the target poles straight up. Or due to the wide base poles are not the same for each contestant. Tackling this issue with a proven product of pole bending poles with the addition of target pole bases that eliminate the ‘wiggle’ eff ect of old style road cones. Improve your arenas uniformity, professionalism and fairness with a set of 10 high quality target bases. Available in black only or your choice of any two colors; red, white or blue. With colored bases upright target pole holders are white. Set of 10 black bases with 10 colored 2" x 2' rotational molded poles

NOTE IMPORTANT: PVC pipes not included. Most clubs simply use 3/4" PVC pipe with couplers of the appropriate size to accommodate the balloon stick. Since you'll only need eight 48" and two each of 24" and 72" it is simpler and cheaper to get the materials from any building supply or plumbing supply house.

We do not supply the pvc pipes.

Balloon bases are made PER ORDER. Please allow AT LEAST 2-5 weeks for delivery!

14 inches diameter,

Hollow design so they're light weight and portable. 1 1/2" bottom plug is easily removed to fill the bases with sand prior to use. Durably impact resistant poly construction won't shatter or break from being stepped on.

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