"Big Belt Mountain" German Silver Buckle G42413

1262 **NEW** Stillwater Legacy Buckle

1262 **NEW** Stillwater Legacy Buckle

"Erickson" Trophy Buckle 38012

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38012 Erickson Tri Colored Trophy Buckle
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Created out of love this tri-color scalloped edge buckle holds an abundance of details. A center area of silver finished bright-cut engraving allows for a figure of your choice, the area is edged with a line of antiqued silver finished microbeads with rose gold filigree swirling around the sides with a yellow finished flower on either side with a high-quality zirconia in the center of each flower. Two straight ribbons act as a border to the center area with silver finished filigree flowing along a thicker outer edge emphasized by a hand-painted black background. The four main direction points are emphasized with a design of a line of five high domed yellow finished beads. Date trim of your choice of year rests at the top of the top ribbon.

Standard 1.5 inch belt swivel.

Buckle Measures 4.5"x3.785".

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